Monday, March 14, 2011

Earth Day Donation for CPAWS

I was contacted about a month ago by the Canadain Parks and Wilderness Society about an Earth Day event happening at Wabi Sabi in Ottawa, Ontario. They are making a wilderness display in their window for Earth Day April 22, 2011. I was asked if I would like to participate and create one of the animals listed on their blog for the display. Whatever I created had to be something that was local to the Ontario wilderness. 

Since I have always had a fascination with the Canadian Lynx ever since I was a small child, and I used to enjoy pencil drawing it quite often. This was my animal of choice for the display. It took quite a few hours to complete this little guy but I think he turned out well. I also completed a raccoon for the display because they are pretty abundant here in Ottawa. If your interested in seeing my needle felted animals, they can be viewed at the display at Wabi Sabi in Ottawa, Ontario between April 1 and April 31, 2011. Here are a couple of pictures of both the completed animals. Both of these animals will be donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society for their table displays at events. It will give childrens and adults something to look at and handle. 

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