Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd Birthday

I have been extremely busy this week. First of I am doing a custom order for wedding jewelry for a bride. Pics to come soon.

Secondly it was my daughters 2nd birthday on Thursday and her party is tomorrow. We are not doing a large party just family and at home.

I really like the idea though of making your own cakes and last year I made her the stand up teddy bear cake. It was a hit so this year I wanted to do a sheep cake, she really loves sheep.

I found this tutorial on how to make fondant sheep . I have never used fondant before but just had to take on these adorable sheep. I bought the fondant and practiced first then a couple of days ago I made two to go on the cake. I also used the same idea and made this cute little English sheepdog, which is of my own design. Not bad for someone who has never used fondant in their life. I am also by no means a professional cake decorator. This is only my second cake that has been decorated so extensively. I added a fence and here is the finished cake.

I totally forgot to mention that this cake is also dairy free made from this incredible vegan chocolate cupcake recipe that I found.

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